Easy Vegan Mexican Salad & Lentil Patties Lunch Recipe

We know everybody loves super easy recipes especially folks who want to stay healthy despite their hectic schedules. Hands in the air if you’re one of them. Well then, you’re in luck!

These delicious, healthy, vegan Mexican Salad & Lentil Patties are perfect for lunch meal preps to bring to work. Loaded with protein, fibre, and a whole lot of flavour, you can have your meal ready in under 20 minutes.


This recipe came from Stephanie (@weareallsunlight), an amazing, inspiring girl from New Zealand who constantly challenges herself for the sake of keeping our planet clean and green as it should be.

Her love for the environment and animals started at university where she took up Science Studies and conducted research on the beef and dairy industries’ impact on water quality and the marine environment. This made her more conscious leading her to a vegan lifestyle and take action in caring for the planet.


Apart from being vegan and a leading zero-waste lifestyle influencer, Stephanie also volunteers for causes such as fighting deforestation by helping plant 100 trees, helping clean up trash and educating people on different environmental issues. Her latest challenge is called Junk Free June where participants have to ditch habits that harm the planet.

Are you inspired to do your part for the Earth yet?

But before you do, fuel up first by trying this vegan recipe from Stef. Thanks again, Stef! :)

Colorful and flavorful, this fresh Vegan Mexican Salad is quick to make and will fill you up in an instant.



These Vegan Lentil Patties are packed with flavour, fibre, and protein. Consume alongside the Mexican Salad and your meal is complete. Enjoy!


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  • LMV

    This recipe looks really delish and easy to prepare, I will try this one.👍👌

  • Amira

    Any blog post with easy to make vegan meals is one I’m surely going to read! The food looks delicious and is pretty easy to follow so I’m looking forward to making some. Keep up the good work!

  • Bec

    I’m so happy to see you’ve collaborated with @weareallsunlight! I’ve been following her for a few months and enjoy her posts. I seriously can’t wait to give these recipes a try, just when I’ve been looking for a simple lunch to take to work. Cheers!

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