9 Zero Waste Travel Hacks

Are you a zero waste devotee and want to see the world but have no idea how to extend the lifestyle while on the go? 

They say travelling opens up your mind to many perspectives and helps you grow. However, these nomadic inclinations involve plenty of disposable products that make remaining zero waste a bit of a challenge.

But with a few tools and simple tips, being faithful to a zero waste lifestyle is made more possible. We’ve made it easier for you by providing a list you could do to stay consistent and help protect Mother Earth while you’re out to witness her endless miracles and beauty. Read on.

Refuse single-use plastic

The Earth’s main enemy when it comes to travelling is the hoard of single-use products. These items may be convenient but putting a little more effort in preparing goes a long way for our planet. And let’s be honest, convenience as the only reason for using these harmful items seems a bit selfish. (Oops, yes, we said it.)

This can be remedied by harnessing reusable items that not only saves waste but money, too, in the long run. Check out some of the travel essentials you need.

Travel light.

This may seem a bit daunting, even impossible to some. But think of it, you save money for luggage space because you don't need to check in any of your belongings. Also, this helps avoid bag tags/waste. How to do it? Pack only your ultimate essentials and go for the bare minimum.

Eat in. 

Eating in local restaurants provide the most authentic experience of the local culture. You could meet plenty of locals and get to know more about the place’s history, cuisine and culture. Moreover, it avoids single-use packaging from take-outs. 


Keep an eye out for local compost/ food scrap collection spots as you’re exploring. Contrary to what people are used to thinking, food wastes do no break down as easily in a landfill as they do in compost heaps. This is due to the anaerobic environment in landfills.

Experience over souvenirs. 

Souvenirs are usually just left on counters or drawers to collect dust. To avoid purchasing unnecessary items as memorabilia of your tripe, you can instead use your camera to capture moments, sceneries, and happenings. If you really need to bring a gift for someone back home, shop reusable items in local handicraft shops.

Offset your flight carbon footprint.

In a lot of situations, travellers won’t have any other choice but aeroplanes to get from point A to point B. But we know these flying transportation emit carbon that harms our environment. Good news is anyone can make it up by converting the carbon miles produced during their journey to its equivalent number of trees by paying for it.

Go paperless for boarding passes and itineraries.

Thanks to technology, most transportation and travel companies have apps where you can purchase your tickets and display your purchased e-ticket/itinerary/map on your device.

Bring layers and zero waste snacks for the flight.

A lot of items offered in-flight is packaged in single-use packaging. Hence, coming prepared for is essential. The temperature inside aeroplanes could be unpredictable so be ready for extremes by wearing layers and items that could double as a pillow and blanket to avoid having to use the in-flight products that come wrapped in single-use plastic.

The term hangry is real, so come prepared with pre-packed snacks to keep you full throughout the flight and avoid food enclosed in single-use packaging.


Where's your next destination? Share it in the comments below. 

We hope this helps you have a greener trip on your next journey. Or if you have had a hand in zero waste travelling, tell us more about it in the comments section.


9 Zero Waste Travel Hacks

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