5 Ways To Start Living Sustainably

"There is no such thing as 'away.' When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere." -Annie Leonard

Choosing to live a sustainable life consists of small actions that have a significant impact on Earth and in our lives.

As a tribute to last Saturday's World Oceans Day and a follow-up to caring for ourselves, living sustainably is another essential everyone should take part in. It is also a great way to give back as it does not only benefit the current generation but that of our great-great grandchildren's too.


But what is sustainable living, exactly? And where to start?

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that consciously lessens the use of Mother Earth's natural resources. It might seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of small steps we can take to start contributing.

Remember a simple act - no matter how small - is a step closer towards our planet's sustenance and healthier being in general.

1. Bring your own containers and utensils.

Towing a tumbler, reusable cup, stainless utensils, storage containers, and reusable shopping bags with you will make it easier to decline single-use products. With plastic pollution's severe repercussions on the environment and our health, refusing single-use items might seem small but if most consumers start making it a habit just imagine how much rubbish won't end up in our oceans and animals' bellies. 

To save you time and energy finding these products, you can check out our roster of reusable containers and utensils.

2. Grow your food.

Apart from saving a lot of money on groceries, having natural food freshly picked from your backyard can significantly improve your family's health as you are sure that it isn't genetically modified. It also helps lessen humankind's impact on the environment because backyard gardening doesn't use chemicals such as pesticides, avoids the pollution caused by the transport of goods, and reduces food waste that comes from packaging.

Plus, the bonus of continually being around nature and getting a bit of exercise from planting is always an excellent idea for mental health.


3. Champion thrifting.

From clothes to pieces of furniture and appliances, the benefits of opting for second-hand pieces extend beyond its vintage aesthetic. Reusing products, especially clothes, helps in reducing landfill and pollution-related problems. Since most thrift shops support charity, you are also supporting a cause while building up a stylishly unique arsenal of goodies at half the price of its original cost.

4. Eliminate chemicals in everyday items. Go DIY.

Choosing au naturale products (or creating your own) offers a slew of benefits both for the environment and our health. Several natural products that are made from plants such as coconut oil have antibacterial properties that could protect us from infections. Sadly, most of the well-advertised home and beauty products contain potentially harmful chemicals, which causes adverse reactions such as irritations, hormonal imbalances, and PCOS.

We will be posting easy DIY products soon, so stay tuned.

5. Be a one car family.

While cars are convenient its fuel consumption and pollutive emissions are harmful to the environment and ultimately to our health. Hence having a single car could be the solution.

It is wise to plan when to use your family car, such as on family trips, special occasions where you need to be on time, and emergencies. Taking the bike, commuting or walking to work, school and other near establishments not only reduce harmful emissions but also offer a great workout and enough time to practice mindfulness.

Changing habits might seem impossible at first so remember to start small, take things one at a time, and focus on the benefits that will stem from these changes you are making.

And, don't forget to have fun!

What are your sustainable living tips to share with our community?




  • Stephanie Muller

    I love that this article focuses on simple things, simple steps. Being environmentally conscious so doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming and this is so good for people who are just starting to make changes ☺️

  • Carol

    Hey, great blog post. Ever since I started to bring my own food tubs and utensils to cafe’s I’ve become more aware of the level of food waste and rubbish I was contributing. Little changed go a long way. 😆

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